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Leveraging the base work that had been accomplished in the Episode Grouper for Medicare, the PACES Center has assembled a library of 1,092 episodes. Of those, 127 have been comprehensively defined, reviewed, updated and can be used. All others have yet to be reviewed, and one of the goals of the PACES Center is to assemble Clinical Working Groups by Clinical Chapter/System and have those Groups fully vet and fully define all episodes in the library. If you're interested in volunteering to participate in a Clinical Working Group, please Join Us.

There are currently a relatively small number of procedures that have been defined. These are mostly major procedural episodes that are performed at a high rate for many different insured populations in the United States. All procedure episodes are related to specific condition episodes, which allows the user of PACES to better understand and measure the appropriateness of care.

The number of defined procedures will increase as the Clinical Working Groups focus on the refinement and vetting of all episodes in each clinical chapter/system. It is essential for an episode system to fulfill all its goals to clearly distinguish procedure episodes from conditions, all the while clearly relating the two through a formal relationship.

We have done this for all defined procedures to-date and will continue.

The lists available to the general public only include trigger codes, whereas the full episode definition database is available to licensees. To become a licensee, please email: 

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