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The Community Model

The Patient-Centered Episodes of Care System ™ (“PACES”) Center for Value in Healthcare Inc. is an independent, 501(c)(3) organization operating in a community model on the following principals:

  • Transparency: All episode definitions are open-source, and all the details of the grouping logic are available. There is no "black box."

  • Utility: as membership grows, the benefits of scale are passed on to the user community in the form of reduced license fees. There is no rent-seeking.

  • Neutrality:  PACES does not sell services that could compete with those offered by the user community. There is no self-dealing.


PACES is led by a dedicated leadership team and governed by a non-profit board of directors comprised of healthcare industry experts.  

Steering Committees

Developing and maintaining a state-of-the-art grouper requires ongoing support from volunteer experts serving on three critical steering committees to guide the work:

  1. Technical Steering Committee

  2. Clinical Steering Committee

  3. Outreach and Education Committee

Doctor's Desk
To learn more about the PACES steering committee structure and volunteer opportunities to support our open source standards, please visit our Committee page.

As a charitable organization, PACES depends on licensee revenue and donations to fund operations. To support PACES as a member or to donate financial support, please visit our Support Us/Donations page. 

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