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A Common Standard for a Common Use

Our Story

The PACES Center is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization developing a public platform to achieve greater transparency and insights in healthcare spending.

The PACES Center is creating, disseminating, and maintaining a set of open source resources for the public to facilitate efforts by stakeholders to improve the efficiency and value of the healthcare system. These open source resources, collectively known as the Patient-centered Episode System, include standard grouping logic, clinical specifications, and supporting documents sufficient to organize or “group” administrative and other data into clinically meaningful episodes of care.

These episodes are an open-source standard for price and resource use analysis built upon community-sourced clinical expertise.
Medical Team
The Community Model


The Patient-Centered Episode System (PACES) was initially developed in 2011 in response to a call for proposals from CMS to develop an episode grouper for the Medicare program.

Clinical societies, practicing physicians and academic medical experts have continuously provided clinical expertise in the definitions of the episodes and the way in which services are grouped to episodes. 


Today, the Center is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit organization that works collaboratively with a community of users and contributors to ensure that the industry has a standard set of episodes and grouping logic for a common use. 

Stock Market
Team Based Care


Recognizing that care is best practiced in teams, we need modern systems of accountability and payment to better analyze the way in which care is being delivered.


With a single, open episode system for everyone to use these analyses are possible.


The PACES episode system is designed specifically to understand how care is being delivered for any number of conditions and procedures and how these conditions and procedures may relate to one another.


It provides a 360 view of the patient and enables better care management from the entire care team. 

The Resources

To empower providers, payers, purchasers and other industry stakeholders, we've developed a set of essential resources: 

  • Clinical specifications for condition and procedural episodes 

  • A grouping logic that assigns services to relevant episodes 

  • Examples of analyses that can be created from PACES

  • Specific communities to which anyone willing can contribute.

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