Support for the PACES Center

and its Mission of Standards and Transparency


The Importance of PACES to the CareJourney Index

On October 2, 2019 CareJourney held a webinar announcing its new CareJourney Index which seeks to measure provider performance in a transparent way. The clip below describes the importance of PACES in making this possible.

You can view the full webinar and learn more about the CareJourney Index by clicking HERE.


Embracing Standard Episode Definitions: An Industry Imperative

This March 28, 2019 Health Affairs Blog post by Fran├žois de Brantes, Frank Opelka and Suzanne F. Delbanco discusses how variation in methods of grouping claims into episodes adds to complexity and confusion in health care. It further describes the benefits that would come with a single, standard grouping methodology, referencing the work that would eventually become PACES.